Commercial Interior Design

In a world where we are bombarded with so much information, it is important to have a point of difference and Bluebird Interiors can make you stand out from the rest!

Whether it be a café, retail outlet, office lobby, hotel refurbishment, or a relaxing waiting area for your clients, we can create a memorable space that is both functional and comfortable.

On-site Design Consultation

Bluebird Interiors can assist in updating your existing space, or design your new space.

We can provide several options and even develop a design based off your company branding to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your space.

Customised corporate packages are also available if you are looking at designing multiple locations or spaces.

Retail Fit Out

Gone are the days when a simple retail fit out would suffice, now to grab the attention of your customers you must go the extra mile and create an interesting and inviting space.

Whether it be for a Cafe, Front area, Waiting room or other needs, we can help you build the right atmosphere. Our team have experience in working with many different clients across Australia. We can help you from start to finish. Contact us for more information.

Office Fit Out

Our team can conceptualise an office design that reflects your business services, corporate colours and the overall ambiance you wish to convey to your clients.

Whether it be a corporate image, or a relaxed but modern office you are after, Bluebird Interiors can design your space.

From private meeting rooms, to spaces flooded with light and colour, we have a solution to meet every need.

Hotel Interior Design

A professional, well designed interior is paramount in the hospitality industry, as it will provide a good impression from the moment your guests walk in the door

Every aspect of the space, including the lobby, reception and common areas should reflect the desired theme, which then flows into the accommodation itself.

Having a uniform design that is consistent throughout the entire location is imperative to convey the right feel to your customers.

Our experienced team have the ability to take your suggestions, requirements and vision and turn them into state of the art designs, that once completed will be enjoyed by your customers and leave a lasting impression.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Bluebird Interiors, our customer’s satisfaction is always in the forefront of our designs.

With our teams comprehensive knowledge of both traditional and modern design concepts, we are so sure that we will provide a service and completed product that will delight.

However, if for any reason during the process you feel we are not delivering your vision, our team members will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the final outcome is indeed the vision you had for your space.

Contact us now to start making your vision a realityCONTACT US